Thursday, May 31, 2012

s'more art, and HOW IS EVERYONE?!

just some artwork I've been trying to really get into, y'know? This is Eva Nine, from Tony DiTerlizzi's amazing series The Search for Wondla. It was originally a scene from a book, but then I decided to try out some photoshop-ness and I kinda like the outcome!

I'm getting so much into fanart, and artwork. It's seeming to click, and it's just great fun : )!

Meanwhile, I am almost finished (and by that I mean the rough copy) with my first novel ever! It is 24,000 words so far (children's novel). It's a weird feeling... I guess its the same feeling as finishing a school essay, but 100x more exciting : ) I am feeling very inspired in this month of may. It's had its severe downs, but this is an up I am gratefully looking forward to.

How is everyone?! It's getting so warm! Happy spring! <3

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood is one of my favorite characters in the HP movies and books, so I loved doodling her! I don't have a tablet, so my hand feels crippled from using my mac's mousepad. IT WAS SO FUN THOUGH! <3

so am naming my child Luna... : )

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jinja Safari!

Introducing... JINJA SAFARI!

This afternoon, my sister played me a video on youtube. and thus, I found my new favorite band. it was like the big bang-- explosion of love.

they are from Australia (man, they have some rockin' music, and damn talented artists), and from what I 've collected, fairly new (a few years old I believe?) but already they've put a stamp on the music world as a super cool, beautiful eclectic sound.

they are described as having an "african-inspired dreamy folk pop" sound. perfect. I can't describe music as well as my sister over at Folk Sister, but I think the music does the talking here.

Care for some great, free downloads?

1. 2
3: "Peter Pan" from youtube


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

the light in dark

"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."

Last week, the two most curious, wiley, and loving pups in our family ran away, and were both killed on the highway. 
Its been a tumultuous week. It was so tragic and abrupt that my mind felt like it was locked in a pool of jelly, while by heart was broken. Death is such a curious thing; I'm not sure how people find the words to bring it into the light, and to understand it. I guess it's just something to be felt. 

We found Mota, the stoic, most beautiful dog I've ever seen, first. She was the alpha out of the two sisters. Coincidentally, her sister, Rafa, was mostly black: just like a shadow. She followed Mota everywhere. Rafa was certainly the baby of our family; she was my little bear, with her thick dark fur, and giant fluffy paws. We searched for hours in torrential rain to find Rafa, but headed back for a few hours rest. In the morning we searched again, but got a call that she had been found as well, and that she was gone.

I think its best that they are still together; I really don't think that Yin and Yang can be separated, and there still be balance-- Rafa would lose all her spirit if Mota wasn't by her side in life. 

Since they were really my sister's dogs, it was so hard to watch her bury her children. We dug a hole under the maple tree and laid them back to back; she stood with them and covered them with dirt handful by handful, closing their wounds. 

I think it's so important that you find the closure you need in situations like this. Even if it is for a creature unlike a human; if you feel like a dog was your spirit guide, I think that that creature would want you to move on, to not lose yourself. I personally felt their spark so much in life, that I have no doubt their spirits will move on into other lives. I think Mota will be a constellation somewhere, and Rafa will be a bear cub next Spring : )

While it is hard not hearing them wake up in the morning, or finding them lounging on the deck in the sun, or tangling my fingers in Rafa's fur while I give her a thousand kisses, I feel them still with me. Their flame. I'm so grateful that they were in my life, and I think I can move on because of the strength they showed in life. 

adieu my babies, namaste, and love 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

wolves in danger

hello everyone!

i have a video here, that my sister posted on her blog, Folk Sister, a while ago.

I have been getting petition alerts from organizations like Defenders of Wildlife for about two years now, informing me about the horrific government-issued plans to systematically kill wolves in the wild. With no science behind their schemes, they plan to boost wild caribou populations (in Alberta, Canada, this is instead of protecting habitat). They shoot wolves from helicopters, and even go so far as to poison them. One plan in Canada plots to kill 6,000 wolves through a program.

This video is intriguing and informative (while haunting), and I urge you, if you have 10 minutes, to watch it. This is something that I don't think too many people know about, but its so real and its happening in both the U.S and Canada. It hurt to watch, because I know I can't go out there and personally collapse all the tar sand rigs (perhaps if I were in an avatar state...) but please, if you have the  time its a really great thing to learn about. it is simultaneously about the ethics of oil, and all the propaganda that goes into glorifying it. 

and to tell Idaho to end its war on wolves, click here

THANK YOU for reading!!! love

Saturday, May 5, 2012

mystic mamma

i recently chanced upon Mystic Mamma, a website/blog of everything mystic, cosmic, and conscious. they have really great astrology, and overviews on what energy each month will bring!

tonight is a super full moon in Scorpio (May 5!) so that means it is during Beltane, (May 1-5) the Celtic earth festival in Scotland where the veil between the fairy world and ours is at its thinnest. They light bonfires and jump over them to symbolize renewal of a new year, as more light pours in from the sun as the months go on. 

this full moon is also called the Wesak moon, "the most auspicious day in Buddhism, for it celebrates the life, enlightenment, and death of the Buddha. 

"Like the Buddha, we are called to acknowledge the divine spirit in our human nature as we overcome and release the emotional demons that plague us and separate us from our spiritual inheritance…”

It's pretty neat, eh?! I did my tarot cards (which are coincidentally fairy tarot cards) and they told me to search for new beginnings, which is interesting because I am having a hard time deciding about college. I think its time to take the plunge : )

thanks for reading! hope you all feel/felt the power of the moon and dream of magic. 

"It’s time to question our values and beliefs about money, power, happiness and our connection to each other and to the Earth.  There are powerful forces at work determined to keep the old system alive, regardless of how many people and places it destroys.  But we are equally powerful, and the Cosmos is lending us energy to break-through our paralysis and stand up for our beliefs."


Friday, May 4, 2012

Change, Substance, Power, Freedom


So Avatar: The Last Airbender, is one of my favorite shows/things/concepts of all times, and it always has me thinking about things after I watch it. this time, it was a silly quiz that got me thinking about the elements and what they mean. yes, quizzes on the internet are often reserved for wishful thinking (i.e What literary character are you meant to be with?!) but once in a while I like to take a gander ; )

ever wonder what type of bender you would be?! here's an actually decent quiz

at the end it presents you with four words: 
and you're made to choose one. 

but they got me thinking. just like (geek rant) the Avatar couldn't be the avatar really without mastering all four elements (because they comprise of a whole), isn't this true of life? Don't these words balance each other/ have to exist for the others to?

 Can Change, real Change occur in just a realm of Freedom? Substance is normally resolute; but would a human's life be stable if Change did not flow into it?

Should a person change to find freedom, or resist?

As for Power, can it exist as a substance? Is it even real, or more like a pool where belief is collected (Game of Thrones reference... power resides where people think it resides). Power confuses me. Even the word, its hard for me to define.

anyways, just some concepts I began to think about. kind of a silly post, things sound better in my journal ; ). and on a different note, I'm almost done with my children's novel! very excited about that

if you take the quiz, tell me what you got!

xx Abi