Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Man, Oh man, your'e my best friend"

This is one of my favorite poems my friend helped me discover this year. The words are as powerful and beautiful as a human can write down in one's mind. And I feel connected to it, too, being American and listening to the trumpeting of Pioneers! O Pioneers.
And it does not hurt that Levi's involved, pressing the message of "Go Forth". Sorry the link isn't hyperlinked (is that what it is called?)
Again, I want to post more pictures, and so I am, going to do that that is. But I don't want to turn it into a picture blog, only because I write a lot too, but I still have yet to find the, not the courage, but the something that it takes to post the pieces I've written. I will do that soon for anyone who is reading...
These are some pictures I've taken of this screen I am mod-podging. I am covering it with pictures I bring some sort of artsy inspiration from.
And pics of a poster I find to be hilarious.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Life is just one damned thing after another"- Frank O'Malley

I found this amazing journal with all these amazing, witty quotes... So I started writing them on my legs... besides this one, I also liked the quote by William Shakespeare that went "These are but wild and whirling words".

Saturday, July 24, 2010

some pictures for your worries.

I was overcome by an urge to post pictures that I've taken that I think are pretty cool... just in case anyone agrees (if anyone is reading my blog or is eventually) please don't use my photos without asking me!
Have a nice night ladies and gentlemen.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Her curls show in the daylight

Me and my friend went to this meadow I've been eye-ing for a while. It's hard to find meadows that aren't buggy here in CT and that aren't on someone's property.
I saw Inception and honestly, I've got to say, it was pretty damn amazing. I don't think my mind was blown because of the complexity really but it definitely was blown because of how electrically and smoothly the plot flowed. The characters were really well developed was believable. And Tom Hardy, who plays Eames was not hard on the eyes either! The script was immaculate. All I could imagine though, was Leonardo's voice being that of his role as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet. And i was happy that Ellen page was in it, I think she's one of my favorite actresses. And of course, now after seeing that movie, i REALLY want to be an ex-con dream stealer/idea planter (or could you call that person an inceptor?) woman. If that's what you call it. Its simply unhealthy to see a movie and want to be doing illegal things, but its awesome.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Some beauty, some problems

I sure HOPE that link works, because it is simply irresistable music. Imagine, a countryside with bees flying around.. Or simply imagine what you will with this music. Discovery credited to She Lillips, one of mes amies. It is superb! (One of my new favorite adjectives after hearing MR. FOX from Fantastic " " say "Thanks for the sardine(was it sardine?)... it was.. Superb! *kisses fingertips *"
Oh, and I discovered the obvious source of my generation's (at least in America) mindset of takin' it easy, layin' back and thinking that we are entitled to everything, even the dust-bunny underneath our chair. That obvious reason is of course, the media. Or really, the notions that the media sets forward displayed on chain restaurants and other things we see everyday. I saw in TGI Fridays a sign that said, "Make life a party!". Yes, yes we should make life a party when people are being killed, animals are being poached to extinction, and the financial system has gone berserk. Now, maybe it was my abhorrence towards being there that day that everything seemed especially annoying, but that really stuck in my mind. When 3 year-olds are skimming their hands across colourful signs that dictate to run their lives as a party, I really worry if our generation will ever become the strong individuals I know we have the capacity to be... or has our capacity decreased from a cup full to a quarter-full? Have our pioneer ancestors, from anywhere in the world, carved such a path that we cannot bring ourselves to keep progressing? Why has our fetish for video-games interrupted our fetish for hard-working?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

You'd want to go here, too.

This is the Island of Rhode. Jamestown to be exact. Here, I climbed rocks to see WW2 bunkers. They were the ultimate representation of the clashing of the decades. Hereupon a cliff overlooking clear and azure water, lies these bunkers, cabins that once held the souls of the war-weary, tough men that made up that strong generation. These concrete walls are also be-spattered with grafiti. I think its so cool to see a literal symbol of the times-a-changin'. Went to some cliffs with some amazing waves and rocks. Very similar to some far away land i would dream of.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some wisking makes it all better

What is this you say? Why, I say it is the mightiest, the most sharp-witted, the most magnificent... Wisk in the world! It's a kitchen wand. And yes, when I saw it, I had to buy it. The handle is stainless steel and the things that wisk, are rubber and are shaped to what seems to be safety pins. Muhaha. Now that I have this in my possession, really the SAT's and all other strife will be easy. That is what my money is on.

Anyways, I wrote this stream of thought and thought whoever stumbles upon my blog, not at the request of me, which I have done to many of my friends, will enjoy it. Maybe my friends too?

Expendability is a totally human notion; if something is expendable does that mean we find no worth in it or that it has no worth? In the case that has no worth is it because we do not recognize its value and therefore do not label it as having value or is it because it simply holds no purpose? Under whose standards does it not hold worth? Is everything worthless, or worth-y? Then, can we ever really say if something is expendable or can we use every worthless something?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

To start blogging makes my heart
Its a window into the web... the all powerful online web of blogs that many have spun threads in. I've been promising myself I would do this for about a month. So, eventually my stubbornness had to relent. I'm practically talking to myself now and probably will continue to do so until people start reading; so greetings Abigayel, hows life? Great. It is summer, I am enjoying the third Sookie Stackhouse novel, and I have found a new favorite place to go: the Metropolitan museum of art. I am listening to I Will Rise up by Lyle Lovett and for my couple of friends reading this so far.. hopefully... listen to it! I am currently not on the right computer to start posting pics but I will! Hopefully I can receive constructive feedback.
So long, all.