Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Man, Oh man, your'e my best friend"

This is one of my favorite poems my friend helped me discover this year. The words are as powerful and beautiful as a human can write down in one's mind. And I feel connected to it, too, being American and listening to the trumpeting of Pioneers! O Pioneers.
And it does not hurt that Levi's involved, pressing the message of "Go Forth". Sorry the link isn't hyperlinked (is that what it is called?)
Again, I want to post more pictures, and so I am, going to do that that is. But I don't want to turn it into a picture blog, only because I write a lot too, but I still have yet to find the, not the courage, but the something that it takes to post the pieces I've written. I will do that soon for anyone who is reading...
These are some pictures I've taken of this screen I am mod-podging. I am covering it with pictures I bring some sort of artsy inspiration from.
And pics of a poster I find to be hilarious.

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