Tuesday, April 24, 2012

burdge-bug art

may i humbly introduce Burdge-Bug? i am no art girl (at all, i mean i appreciate it, but i am not up to date on artists and things like that) but artist brigid, aka burdge-bug, has one of the finest and most flagrant styles i know of. her style ranges from cartoon to realistic, and most beautifully rests on a medium in the, well, middle. a lot of her work is inspired by Disney/movie and literary characters, and she even has created many of her own. here are some of my favorites. check her other stuff out on her tumblr, and deviant art

her fan-art is so great, isn't it?! if you liked the Hunger Games, or shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender, and want more of them, really take a look! she likes to draw character relationships : )

all the images here are property of burdge-bug, and are from her tumblr


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vegan: chickpeas & kale

so, i feel the popular agreement is that kale is an enigma... its like spinach, only harder to fathom ; ). until about a month ago, i felt the same way!! but now that i know a bit of how to make it, i am planning on it becoming my summer go-to green.

this recipe is really really good on its own, but it is also great on toasted bread with hummus. its so easy, too!

1: chop kale, making sure to cut off about 2 inches of stem, or according to how tough it seems
2: rinse kale, even if it is organic!! (and you should buy organic greens, as pesticide application is directly sprayed on them)
3: fill bottom of a sauce pan with water, about 1 inch in a big pan
4: throw chopped kale in and put a lid on. heat should be around high, bring to boil
5: once the water gets very close to boiling, turn on medium and wait until kale is tender (should be able to put a fork through stem)
6: drain once cooked. then put back in pan with olive oil, a can of chickpeas, and chopped garlic.
7: add salt, pepper and saute until preferred taste

ENJOY!! kale is a super food, lots of fiber and other things that you need to love your body :) 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

the Moon, a poem

the Moon
we bickered all day
because we hadn't seen
                       the Moon.
that shut us up
and opened
No wonder
wondered how to wonder
how to
the Moon.

did anyone see that beautiful, goddess-y moon a week or so ago?! It was so mind blowing... it must've been a special one night. We were driving and it suddenly appeared over this hill like a giant balloon. I was shocked it was so grand! 

have a pretty week : )

Friday, April 6, 2012


some things from this week!! i saw (from my car, a little weird, though admiring!) this awesome girl on a moped. i mean, her style was awesome!! a bomber jacket, cool skirt, and heels? she looked like regina spektor gone book character. one "badass lass"!!

and speaking of pretty utilitarian things... i had to get something to wear for a reception for my office... i was so happy to find a cotton dress with pockets at h&m... normally i don't get new new things, instead i buy second hand things (until i get a job and can buy fair trade things... :) ) but its hard buying thrifted fancy items when the thing is two days away. pockets rule.

and has anyone heard of Percy Jackson? i am trying to read as many children's books as possible (as if i had a choice... they are really the only books i want to read right now) and i had a friend loan me the first one in the series. it was a bit flat at times, but then i got into Rick Riordan's amazing world, and i fell in love with the series. this second one is great so far! i recommend them. they're actually quite funny !! the main character's tone is hilarious and enjoyably colloquial.

enjoy easter (even though i don't celebrate the religious side of it, its still a good way to get me some fair trade dark chocolate)!