Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vegan: chickpeas & kale

so, i feel the popular agreement is that kale is an enigma... its like spinach, only harder to fathom ; ). until about a month ago, i felt the same way!! but now that i know a bit of how to make it, i am planning on it becoming my summer go-to green.

this recipe is really really good on its own, but it is also great on toasted bread with hummus. its so easy, too!

1: chop kale, making sure to cut off about 2 inches of stem, or according to how tough it seems
2: rinse kale, even if it is organic!! (and you should buy organic greens, as pesticide application is directly sprayed on them)
3: fill bottom of a sauce pan with water, about 1 inch in a big pan
4: throw chopped kale in and put a lid on. heat should be around high, bring to boil
5: once the water gets very close to boiling, turn on medium and wait until kale is tender (should be able to put a fork through stem)
6: drain once cooked. then put back in pan with olive oil, a can of chickpeas, and chopped garlic.
7: add salt, pepper and saute until preferred taste

ENJOY!! kale is a super food, lots of fiber and other things that you need to love your body :) 

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