Monday, February 28, 2011

I guess there is no such thing as an eco-friendly war.

Why is war so detrimental? Its impossible to fathom it if one hasn't seen it. I haven't... I haven't been privy to war's caustic effects. Seeing then, a video photo-esay, complied of photos taken by Steve McCurry, I honestly can see how no matter which way one turns, that biting end-result of war has the most awesome, and I use it in the dictionary way, power to kick and rear in the lens of a camera.,32187,2055605,00.html

and I can't even fathom the "scorched earth policy"...

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Recently I was reading my AP environmental textbook, and I came across something that I found to be interesting.

"Switching from soft coal with a high sulfur content to low-sulfur coal can greatly reduce sulfur emissions. this may eliminate jobs, however, in such areas as Appalachia that are already economically depressed." pg 411....

I am no demographer but:
IF people in Appalachia and the like are economically depressed so very much, why cant the gov't give certain poor counties in Appalachia (a lot are poverty-stricken) grants to expand and create a WHOLE new job industry? A renewable resource job industry might give them enough bounce to increase education and tourism... tourism might come IF these counties are given enough money to really create something special. I have to admit, win turbines and solar energy are beautiful to me. There are such places like Richmond, CA, that have state of the art solar panel systems that have the ability to attract attention.

Since Appalachia spans over a hundred counties and over many states, I am sure that wind and sun is available enough to harvest. Now, solar paneling IS expensive, but I believe that with enough investments, it has the potential to work.

Some may like mining work, but it is dangerous- there have to be citizens who would like a more educating, globally aware, or else community-effective job (this is not to say that these people's jobs are of less importance in the world). These counties have the potential to be in the limelight. I know the economy is struggling- but the job economy could be jump-started if everyone pooled in and helped a huge section of America become advanced technologically.

Just an incomplete idea of which I should get more information.

Heres the link about Richmond, CA:

Monday, February 14, 2011

His Words to Bolden

Here is a poem I wrote before I feel asleep...

Is there a people that would forthright cede their mouths to my face?
For I must speak to this country with the vitality of a thousand.

If my lips were to tremble, have me a force to be supported by;
Support me, support me-
for to tarry in trembles would be torture

The same dew that slips in your boots, countrymen, slips in mine as well.
And the same gravel that finds heels to poke, gentlemen, afflicts me also.

But there is a light, if I must put forth so ardently,
at the end of this gray rush,
that beckons us forward into
a world of color, where men roar
and lions sit like kings.

Here in this gladitorium shall we baptize the
entropy which has broken our blessed world,
not by tearing the lion down, but by
walking alongside it.

Not that many read this blog (hardy har), but please do not copy this unless I give permission. Plagiarism scares me...


I can't tell you how incredibly disheartening it was to hear
That the man down the street and I feared the same fear
That some boundary took place between our two faces
That placed our toes at two different paces.
But as I meant to have said
The man down the street was dressed in Red and I in White could not see
Any hope of symmetry.
Too sad I was to open the door so I did not see
The tears on his face had turned his red shirt a shade of pink
And as but two seconds before I had spilled a rose upon my dress
Born was the hope for symmetry, for to one another
No longer were our souls so base.
We were But spirits taken to water and air and all that resides on this fair Earth
And we were both dressed alike.