Monday, February 14, 2011

His Words to Bolden

Here is a poem I wrote before I feel asleep...

Is there a people that would forthright cede their mouths to my face?
For I must speak to this country with the vitality of a thousand.

If my lips were to tremble, have me a force to be supported by;
Support me, support me-
for to tarry in trembles would be torture

The same dew that slips in your boots, countrymen, slips in mine as well.
And the same gravel that finds heels to poke, gentlemen, afflicts me also.

But there is a light, if I must put forth so ardently,
at the end of this gray rush,
that beckons us forward into
a world of color, where men roar
and lions sit like kings.

Here in this gladitorium shall we baptize the
entropy which has broken our blessed world,
not by tearing the lion down, but by
walking alongside it.

Not that many read this blog (hardy har), but please do not copy this unless I give permission. Plagiarism scares me...

1 comment:

  1. this sounds like good ol' walt whitman! i think i love it