Tuesday, October 25, 2011

recipe for portabella mushroom burger!!

You might need a grill press for this one or just simple a pan.
So, peel the portabella mushroom... the skin off the top. And if the stem isn't already plucked off, do so :)
then, put some olive oil onto your grill press or pan (wait until heated) and put the mushroom on for around 10 minutes. These things can be tough, so make sure it is soft enough. I think the little longer you wait, the better. Then turn to low and add some salt and pepper.

Put on a bun or whole grain bread and put any topping you want! I liked avocado and dijon mustard. Whatever floats your boat. I think the more times you make it, the better it comes out.


also, i went to a see the Young Dubliners... it was incredibly awesome! Irish people are so humorous! It was at this incredible place called Infinity Hall, in Norfolk, CT. Its a really small venue, so it is really intimate.

deep love blue

Hoping this short story came out well...

Alexander had been unhappy for months; he did not know why, he couldn’t put a finger on this growing numbness in his and head in fact his whole body.

His unhappiness was so confounding in fact; he had taken to shouting obscenities at any commonplace setting he chanced upon: a beach, a sunny lake, a condominium complex. The beach had been his favorite. Here he would stand in the rolling waves, wet up to his midline, and shout into the sea air his contempt for his frazzled mind. When he was finished telling the waves off, telling them his track record of awkwardness, introspection and tendency to feel rather asexual for lack of sexual drive towards anything or anyone, he would march back to the beach, head hung low, and fall onto his knees in the soft sand.

Well, after a while kneeling, he would look up and heave an exhausted and mournful sigh. Then he would gaze at the passerby, wind at his back, wrapping his head and body in a heavy saltiness.

It happened on one day when Alexander has completed this seaside ritual and was kneeling in the sand, about to get up and walk home when he heard a contented cackle- that is just what it was, a contented cackle, a benign snickering of sorts. Alexander turned towards the noise, half expecting a seagull to be sitting there, laughing into the air at what a fool Alexander is! Why, how simple a seagull’s life is and how confusing this Alexander’s was!

He half planned to dash madly at it and as he was getting up to do so, quite realized that the source of the snickering was not an anthropomorphic gull but an old man, sitting on the same plane as Alexander but facing the waves instead.

The old man looked over and nodded, smiled and cackled again, looking away. This time Alexander knew it was directed at him.

“And do you think I am funny, sir?” he asked reproachfully.

The old man simply turned to him and laughed again. “I think you are funny because you do not think so. Why, boy, I bet you’ve come down here every day this week, alone and miserable and shouted at the waves.” The wiry hair poking out of his ears curled into taunting smiles.

“Some would think you’re a madman, you know!” He fell into a fit of giggles.

“And what if I am?” Alexander considered aloud.

“Oh, son. Misery doesn’t make us mad. You think life is sending you the same thing over and over, never cutting you a break, sharper witted than you, just like these waves. In and out, spitting back your desires.

Well let me tell you something. If you keep frowning and think you’re getting the same crap over and over, you’re wrong. Each wave is different. Each tide has different offerings to the patient beach. You just have to see it” said the old man rather triumphantly. Then he quite simply laid back, closed his eyes, and remained quite still. So still in fact, after two minutes had passed, Alexander watched as a seagull walked onto the old man’s chest and fell asleep quite contentedly. Alexander wondered if the man had died.

He pivoted and turned to sit, facing the sea. For once, everything shifted. The waves came in soft and intimately hissing. And at the very moment, he fell in deep love with the sea.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"I hate quotations" -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bahkti (devotion)

"Full fathom five thy father lies;
Of his bones are coral made;
Those pearls that were his eyes;
Nothing of him that doth fade,
But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange."
-Shakespeare (The Tempest)

"Only give up a thing when you want some other condition so much that the thing has no longer any attraction for you, or when it seems to interfere with that which is more greatly desired." -Gandhi

Adventure, as seen in Walter Moer's Zamonian Dictionary: "A daring enterprise undertaken in a spirit of curiousity or temerity, it is potentially life threatening, harbours unforeseeable dangers and sometimes proves fatal"

"And I'll walk slow
I'll walk slow
Take my hand,
help me on my way" -Mumford and Sons

"Trying to find, oh an emotion you cannot deny" -Laura Marling

"Asante sana!
Squash banana!
We We nago! (you are the baboon)
Mi Mi apana! (and I'm not)"

"Don't you love
Don't you love me that way?" -Laura Marling, Old Stone

"I've rolled around the orchard
and found myself too awkward" -Johnny Flynn

"Standing on the west side of your cliff, bury a ghost
Doesn't the north wind make your fingers stiff,
who lost the most" -Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit, Hello Hello

Yugen (Japanese)- an awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses too deep and mysterious for words

"The tiger is vanishing" -World Wildlife Fund

"One can tell for oneself whether the water is warm or cold" -Confucius

"There's a wolf-pack on your hills, its after you" -Roo Panes, I'll Move Mountains

"For everything a theme"-Expos. teacher

"It's hard to accept yourself as someone
you don't desire
as someone you don't want to be
Oh give me to a Rambling man" -Laura Marling, Rambling Man

Monday, October 17, 2011

simple starts make blooming hearts

a green spread
air misty
a mother and young child stand
under a very tall tree.
the tree supports the sky,
bursting crimson
Life roots under a wide
it feels eternal

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Dawn as ending light

Ravens curled in squirrel nests

Something rustles under foot

Sweet bear! Blackberries in palm.

The water this time of year is sweet

All the fish too drunk to jump.

And swirling down on a leaf

The simplicity of it all!

An inchworm, green and good.

Good fellow! How you’ve been inching,

You make the May Snake look slow.

Rustling, rushing, swirling

Brazen brook and your comrades the crows

How does it go on Autumn evenings?

You are held by more friends, the shadows, so be content as the sun!

It seems lonely down by the low trunks of trees

But all worms are out to see the last fire of in the west, for the night, and rest.

Crickets still chirp, but dreamily now

And frogs tell stories of golden waters

Everything and everyone chatters

Until the moon blossoms in the sky,

Then everything and everyone falls silent and gazes out.

listening to Hello, Hello by Johnny Flynn! Its so great!

Happy Autumn all!! Its the best season by far... so beautiful! If I wore beautiful autumn fashions I would post pictures of them, but alas I do not, and so an impromptu poem and picture? Perhaps.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Merry May

Today in class we read the "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carrol (amazing poem) and discussed his amazing word creations (did you know he coined the word 'chortle'?)... this was the poem I had to make modeled off of his fashion of, well, fashioning words.

Merry May

Weather and merry
And tarry with me here!
Cried the waloompish mouse.

Nay, Little Mouse,
To the Ogg Meadow we move,
And in deegish confiding I say,
It is to find the Merry May.

Adore, adore! Said the waloomping mouse.
And so they narry well skipped to the meadow.

When they arrived, all moophing and out of sorts, for they had run fastly,
The mouse and his friend looked all around for the Merry May.

It was a fluke, a tristy trick! Said they, after
Peering around, getting all sorts of nicks.

And so it was, they returned home all grogged down
But when they sat down to tea
(all snucked with toast from the kitchen)
what but what was on the table!
Their very own Merry May, all at last in a vase.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

"everybody's starry-eyed"

source: http://girl-and-closet.blogspot.com/

source: http://peacelovebellavita.blogspot.com/

These are some of my favorite musicians (Ellie Goulding and Regina Spektor) and some of my current delights... all enchanting!

Sherlock, BBC screenshot of show*
ellie 1: http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/_/42705991/Ellie+Goulding+EG5.png
ellie 2: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_ftrcHvbPMK8/TK4jNj3btFI/AAAAAAAACqQ/TUWI82XYSzo/s1600/01.jpg