Monday, October 3, 2011

Merry May

Today in class we read the "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carrol (amazing poem) and discussed his amazing word creations (did you know he coined the word 'chortle'?)... this was the poem I had to make modeled off of his fashion of, well, fashioning words.

Merry May

Weather and merry
And tarry with me here!
Cried the waloompish mouse.

Nay, Little Mouse,
To the Ogg Meadow we move,
And in deegish confiding I say,
It is to find the Merry May.

Adore, adore! Said the waloomping mouse.
And so they narry well skipped to the meadow.

When they arrived, all moophing and out of sorts, for they had run fastly,
The mouse and his friend looked all around for the Merry May.

It was a fluke, a tristy trick! Said they, after
Peering around, getting all sorts of nicks.

And so it was, they returned home all grogged down
But when they sat down to tea
(all snucked with toast from the kitchen)
what but what was on the table!
Their very own Merry May, all at last in a vase.


  1. I agree amazing!!! Your blog is darling. Shall we follow each other?
    xxx Emily of EL Vintage