Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Dawn as ending light

Ravens curled in squirrel nests

Something rustles under foot

Sweet bear! Blackberries in palm.

The water this time of year is sweet

All the fish too drunk to jump.

And swirling down on a leaf

The simplicity of it all!

An inchworm, green and good.

Good fellow! How you’ve been inching,

You make the May Snake look slow.

Rustling, rushing, swirling

Brazen brook and your comrades the crows

How does it go on Autumn evenings?

You are held by more friends, the shadows, so be content as the sun!

It seems lonely down by the low trunks of trees

But all worms are out to see the last fire of in the west, for the night, and rest.

Crickets still chirp, but dreamily now

And frogs tell stories of golden waters

Everything and everyone chatters

Until the moon blossoms in the sky,

Then everything and everyone falls silent and gazes out.

listening to Hello, Hello by Johnny Flynn! Its so great!

Happy Autumn all!! Its the best season by far... so beautiful! If I wore beautiful autumn fashions I would post pictures of them, but alas I do not, and so an impromptu poem and picture? Perhaps.

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