Tuesday, October 25, 2011

recipe for portabella mushroom burger!!

You might need a grill press for this one or just simple a pan.
So, peel the portabella mushroom... the skin off the top. And if the stem isn't already plucked off, do so :)
then, put some olive oil onto your grill press or pan (wait until heated) and put the mushroom on for around 10 minutes. These things can be tough, so make sure it is soft enough. I think the little longer you wait, the better. Then turn to low and add some salt and pepper.

Put on a bun or whole grain bread and put any topping you want! I liked avocado and dijon mustard. Whatever floats your boat. I think the more times you make it, the better it comes out.


also, i went to a see the Young Dubliners... it was incredibly awesome! Irish people are so humorous! It was at this incredible place called Infinity Hall, in Norfolk, CT. Its a really small venue, so it is really intimate.


  1. I may have to pass your recipe on to someone who can cook;)It sounds really delicious. xx

  2. Loving this post.