Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yee Turnip.

Here is a snippet of a children's book i hope to continue... i hope it is original, candid, and well written enough to supply the type of imagination I coveted as a kid!
tell me what you think!

They say that the first Radish Letter was written deep within the dirt catacombs under the Anchovy Mountains. The Radish Letter was a manuscript of a detailed account of one of the most trilling legends ever recorded! This is the story of how this manuscript and its own adventure came to define the entire Root civilization!

After the Letter was completed, its author, a fine looking but older Radish, emerged from the dirt catacombs that made up the Root Empire. He emerged, manuscript in hand, ready to bring it to the Owlrey Publishing House, nestled on top of one of the highest peaks of the mountain range. How he had the courage to leave the warm dirt tunnels that were his home and venture out into the wild with nothing but a single scroll and a small ruck-sack with little provisions is quite confounding! What’s more, he was on his way to commit a crime! He was about to try to publish a Radish Letter!

You see, the author worked for a secret society that secretly recorded ancient legends that had been passed down for centuries in the little Root Empire villages under the Anchovy Mountains. It was illegal for anyone else but the old sages that worked in this society to record these legends- anyone who committed this crime was to be thrown out of the catacombs… and who knows what creatures picked up the criminals out there!

It would have been an astounding and justly rebellious feat had this old radish completed his mission. He felt, in his radish heart of hearts that legends and folklore were meant to be read and enjoyed and written by every citizen in his land! That way, they would never be erased out of memory, but rather creatively changed and strengthened by many a radish!

Alas, this radish author was carried off by a hawk not two seconds after he stepped foot out into the sweet Autumn daylight. It was his hope that his manuscript, which he had dropped on purpose, would roll into the hands of another brazen soul, one who would bring it to the Owlrey Publishing House and who would, with enough courage, ensure that every citizen had equal rights and access to the written world.

The author had time enough to see the manuscript roll into unlikely hands- the most unlikely, in fact. The manuscript rolled into the hands of a Turnip named Regee Omnilius.

its going to be a short one but this is hopefully chapter two.

* i hate having to say this (because not too many people will even chance upon this) but for any rapscallion who would, please don't take my work; it is copyright me.

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  1. So far, so good! It's got my attention. I love mountains, and secret societies, and rule breakers.:)

    Have you heard of She Writes? I just stumbled across it yesterday and joined. I'm not sure how useful I'll find it, but I love groups like that.

    I hope you keep writing. My theory is that writing is like gravity for the soul. I sometimes wonder how many of us would function without that outlet. xx