Friday, April 6, 2012


some things from this week!! i saw (from my car, a little weird, though admiring!) this awesome girl on a moped. i mean, her style was awesome!! a bomber jacket, cool skirt, and heels? she looked like regina spektor gone book character. one "badass lass"!!

and speaking of pretty utilitarian things... i had to get something to wear for a reception for my office... i was so happy to find a cotton dress with pockets at h&m... normally i don't get new new things, instead i buy second hand things (until i get a job and can buy fair trade things... :) ) but its hard buying thrifted fancy items when the thing is two days away. pockets rule.

and has anyone heard of Percy Jackson? i am trying to read as many children's books as possible (as if i had a choice... they are really the only books i want to read right now) and i had a friend loan me the first one in the series. it was a bit flat at times, but then i got into Rick Riordan's amazing world, and i fell in love with the series. this second one is great so far! i recommend them. they're actually quite funny !! the main character's tone is hilarious and enjoyably colloquial.

enjoy easter (even though i don't celebrate the religious side of it, its still a good way to get me some fair trade dark chocolate)!



  1. Loved the first pic! Awesome style!

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  3. Moped girl does look cool! I want to be friends with her. I should probably be reading some children's books right now so it is good to know that Rick Riordan is worth a look. x

  4. totally badass!!! ت

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    Thanks! ヅ