Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some wisking makes it all better

What is this you say? Why, I say it is the mightiest, the most sharp-witted, the most magnificent... Wisk in the world! It's a kitchen wand. And yes, when I saw it, I had to buy it. The handle is stainless steel and the things that wisk, are rubber and are shaped to what seems to be safety pins. Muhaha. Now that I have this in my possession, really the SAT's and all other strife will be easy. That is what my money is on.

Anyways, I wrote this stream of thought and thought whoever stumbles upon my blog, not at the request of me, which I have done to many of my friends, will enjoy it. Maybe my friends too?

Expendability is a totally human notion; if something is expendable does that mean we find no worth in it or that it has no worth? In the case that has no worth is it because we do not recognize its value and therefore do not label it as having value or is it because it simply holds no purpose? Under whose standards does it not hold worth? Is everything worthless, or worth-y? Then, can we ever really say if something is expendable or can we use every worthless something?

1 comment:

  1. wow. LOVE your whisk. my goodness i'm jealous.

    and your views on life are inspiring.

    (your whisk is awesome)