Monday, July 19, 2010

Some beauty, some problems

I sure HOPE that link works, because it is simply irresistable music. Imagine, a countryside with bees flying around.. Or simply imagine what you will with this music. Discovery credited to She Lillips, one of mes amies. It is superb! (One of my new favorite adjectives after hearing MR. FOX from Fantastic " " say "Thanks for the sardine(was it sardine?)... it was.. Superb! *kisses fingertips *"
Oh, and I discovered the obvious source of my generation's (at least in America) mindset of takin' it easy, layin' back and thinking that we are entitled to everything, even the dust-bunny underneath our chair. That obvious reason is of course, the media. Or really, the notions that the media sets forward displayed on chain restaurants and other things we see everyday. I saw in TGI Fridays a sign that said, "Make life a party!". Yes, yes we should make life a party when people are being killed, animals are being poached to extinction, and the financial system has gone berserk. Now, maybe it was my abhorrence towards being there that day that everything seemed especially annoying, but that really stuck in my mind. When 3 year-olds are skimming their hands across colourful signs that dictate to run their lives as a party, I really worry if our generation will ever become the strong individuals I know we have the capacity to be... or has our capacity decreased from a cup full to a quarter-full? Have our pioneer ancestors, from anywhere in the world, carved such a path that we cannot bring ourselves to keep progressing? Why has our fetish for video-games interrupted our fetish for hard-working?

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