Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Her curls show in the daylight

Me and my friend went to this meadow I've been eye-ing for a while. It's hard to find meadows that aren't buggy here in CT and that aren't on someone's property.
I saw Inception and honestly, I've got to say, it was pretty damn amazing. I don't think my mind was blown because of the complexity really but it definitely was blown because of how electrically and smoothly the plot flowed. The characters were really well developed was believable. And Tom Hardy, who plays Eames was not hard on the eyes either! The script was immaculate. All I could imagine though, was Leonardo's voice being that of his role as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet. And i was happy that Ellen page was in it, I think she's one of my favorite actresses. And of course, now after seeing that movie, i REALLY want to be an ex-con dream stealer/idea planter (or could you call that person an inceptor?) woman. If that's what you call it. Its simply unhealthy to see a movie and want to be doing illegal things, but its awesome.

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