Saturday, May 5, 2012

mystic mamma

i recently chanced upon Mystic Mamma, a website/blog of everything mystic, cosmic, and conscious. they have really great astrology, and overviews on what energy each month will bring!

tonight is a super full moon in Scorpio (May 5!) so that means it is during Beltane, (May 1-5) the Celtic earth festival in Scotland where the veil between the fairy world and ours is at its thinnest. They light bonfires and jump over them to symbolize renewal of a new year, as more light pours in from the sun as the months go on. 

this full moon is also called the Wesak moon, "the most auspicious day in Buddhism, for it celebrates the life, enlightenment, and death of the Buddha. 

"Like the Buddha, we are called to acknowledge the divine spirit in our human nature as we overcome and release the emotional demons that plague us and separate us from our spiritual inheritance…”

It's pretty neat, eh?! I did my tarot cards (which are coincidentally fairy tarot cards) and they told me to search for new beginnings, which is interesting because I am having a hard time deciding about college. I think its time to take the plunge : )

thanks for reading! hope you all feel/felt the power of the moon and dream of magic. 

"It’s time to question our values and beliefs about money, power, happiness and our connection to each other and to the Earth.  There are powerful forces at work determined to keep the old system alive, regardless of how many people and places it destroys.  But we are equally powerful, and the Cosmos is lending us energy to break-through our paralysis and stand up for our beliefs."


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  1. Seems pretty interesting site.

    Oooh too bad I didn't see super moon last weekend. :/
    Thank you for the comment! :)

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