Tuesday, May 8, 2012

wolves in danger

hello everyone!

i have a video here, that my sister posted on her blog, Folk Sister, a while ago.

I have been getting petition alerts from organizations like Defenders of Wildlife for about two years now, informing me about the horrific government-issued plans to systematically kill wolves in the wild. With no science behind their schemes, they plan to boost wild caribou populations (in Alberta, Canada, this is instead of protecting habitat). They shoot wolves from helicopters, and even go so far as to poison them. One plan in Canada plots to kill 6,000 wolves through a program.

This video is intriguing and informative (while haunting), and I urge you, if you have 10 minutes, to watch it. This is something that I don't think too many people know about, but its so real and its happening in both the U.S and Canada. It hurt to watch, because I know I can't go out there and personally collapse all the tar sand rigs (perhaps if I were in an avatar state...) but please, if you have the  time its a really great thing to learn about. it is simultaneously about the ethics of oil, and all the propaganda that goes into glorifying it. 

and to tell Idaho to end its war on wolves, click here

THANK YOU for reading!!! love

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