Thursday, May 31, 2012

s'more art, and HOW IS EVERYONE?!

just some artwork I've been trying to really get into, y'know? This is Eva Nine, from Tony DiTerlizzi's amazing series The Search for Wondla. It was originally a scene from a book, but then I decided to try out some photoshop-ness and I kinda like the outcome!

I'm getting so much into fanart, and artwork. It's seeming to click, and it's just great fun : )!

Meanwhile, I am almost finished (and by that I mean the rough copy) with my first novel ever! It is 24,000 words so far (children's novel). It's a weird feeling... I guess its the same feeling as finishing a school essay, but 100x more exciting : ) I am feeling very inspired in this month of may. It's had its severe downs, but this is an up I am gratefully looking forward to.

How is everyone?! It's getting so warm! Happy spring! <3

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  1. Lovely illustration! :)
    I was looking through my friend's copy of Wondla, and was amazed by the beautiful illustrations... I need to get a copy too! :)