Sunday, March 18, 2012

on another inspired poem

I very much dislike being too dramatic in my poetry, only sometimes, i have to get things out in cliche terms. i just finished Mockingjay, and some ideas came to me, so i put them into a poem. not meant to be super-fangirl-esque. this book hit me, well, at least Katniss as a character in this one did. the reason this particular book didn't quite do it for me is because an area Collin's falls short in is creating consistency with character motivation. i can actually point out in the text book to book where characters suddenly change a part of their complexity. and she also forgets about characters sometimes for chapters and chapters, then suddenly they mean so much. i dont know, as a story its good. but broken down, some things i find kind of vexing, or unattractive. anyways! here it is:

Here where the shadows lie, 
covered up within my cries,
is stifling hot, sickly sweet, 
and burning bright, 
a caustic heat. 

Bright, bright, 
but that's when we see it:
during the night. 
I tried to sing, 
but I could only scream.

I screamed and screamed
but no one came
because I am not a piece 
in wayward games.

A shimmer gleams,
but brighter now, not fire still.

Not fire still
Not fire still. 
There where the shadows once lay.
there where I was,
there where I was,
there where I was
the mockingjay. 

Enjoy your week, lovely readers 

much love, really : )

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  1. Oh, I like this poem. It's very pretty, yet haunting.