Saturday, March 17, 2012

my prom dress... if i decide. : )

so... i was in new hampshire searching for antique stores. i found one along the highway, an old house with some small open rooms leading off. beautiful antique things, shirts, lamps, signs. a beautiful summer new hampshire day.

so i went into the house, and stared at all the jewelry like the little jewels they were. i walked away from my company, and went up to the attic, where, handing from the slanted ceiling on a silk hanger was this dress. i was younger, so, i thought it would just be fun to try on for fun. that was 9th grade or so, so the question was, do we spend forty dollars on this 1940s dress? well, why not! and i'm so happy i did, because if i go to prom, i want nothing on me but something that is me. i might do some alterations, like make it a bit shorter or something, but other than that, it'll be as sweet as it came.

what do you think!? strapless, or that neck-tied way???

oh, and this is my 100th post!! : )!! i'll congratulate myself with a nice vegan dinner. ahh


  1. Good thing you snatched it up, smart girl. It's elegant. I think strapless or tied at the neck are both flattering. Shortened might look pretty good, too. With a pair of vintage pumps?

  2. On second thought, leaving it long would work. It's lovely.

  3. Aww! So sweet! I think the neck tie just edges ahead for me.