Saturday, March 24, 2012

my life of late in pictures

I've been doodling, hanging outside, and loving a new blog my friend Aryion and I started called the heartfelt diaries, where we post daily quotations that we find in books, pop culture, other blogs... everywhere! check it out, and please feel free to email with your favorite quotations-- we would love to post them or write them in our journals, too!

my favorite shoes... Vibrams! 
i dressed my "toe-shoes" up... hehe

if you've never read The Host before by Stephanie Meyer, i highly recommend it : ) it was perfect. i've also been sketching a bit.. or rather, doodling. this ones my favorite so far.

happy spring! to celebrate, i pulled carrots for three hours on an organic farm... it was very lovely!

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  1. I meant to read The Host after reading the Twilight Saga but for some reason completely spaced it and never did! I've heard it is a very good read and will need to add it, back, to my list! Love your decorated toe shoes! hehe

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

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