Thursday, February 23, 2012

On two poems, long overdue

Here are two original poems, hope you like them! : )

I once fell asleep
When I woke in dream, 
it had gone.
How long had I slept?
"Oh it has been long."
Dearest, they told me,
You've gone far along;
A new sun has risen 
and birds aren't in song,
Fields were full
Of seating gold grain
And now all they feel
is sleeting cold rain.
It was hard to see--
But I had missed the beauty.

the home
I woke my self up this morning. 
I had dreampt of water growing on stone all night long,
a stone in front of a great house.
I get the sense that it is
very old, this house.
As I look down on the winding vines, 
I feel a fairy-push;
a push on me.
Indeed it is old,
to a kindred spirit:
home for sprouting magic.

1 comment:

  1. Oh I love these. Very nice work. My favorite it the first one :)