Saturday, February 25, 2012

pride and prejudice, and a poem!

(best read with your favorite p&p song : ) )

i have a cure for empty walls
and empy halls, and hearts:
set them on the ball-room floor
and wait until the music starts
feeling so very heavy and so light,
the feet scuttling in such sweet patterns
and drifting as each other's delight,

take me, take me far into the night.

i watched the most recent version of pride and prejudice with keira knightly, and though it was not perfect, it simply was. i am some parts through the book, and so i cannot speak from a book-perspective, but i do think that the movie brings up a very strong motif. 

one of the song on the soundtrack is titled "Liz on top of the World". and i feel that that is so important a theme... like she had filled herself up with herself and so she was at the top of her world. and i do think that the romantic love in Austen's novel's is just that, but perhaps there is more to it... as if the endings when the character's fall in love is symbolic of themselves having gotten to know themselves. kinda? i'm beginning to think that true love in her novels comes at the end for a reason similar to that. 

they were on top of the world.



  1. I really like the story and read it more than once, even in english, to make sure I wasn't loosing any little part of it!
    Jane Austen's novels are fantastic, and even though the film isn't perfect, I think it portraits the character's feelings and flaws in a much better way then the previous version, in which emotions didn't really show. The book itself has very passionate chapters, even though women could't really show their true colors by that time.
    I also wanted to point out that the book doesn't end where the film does, the book end with a short description of how Lizzy's and Jane's lives go on, living in their estates.

  2. Ahh, P&P... I've got about 50 pages left of Mansfield Park at the moment and I am loving it. Totally fascinating book.

  3. I really enjoyed it to and love the poem! Came by to tell you that you've been tagged! =D


    xoxo Jessa

  4. I'm in the middle of Persuasion right now! I lead the Jane Austen Book club at my school and it's such fun! We read Pride and predjudice a few moths ago and everyone loved it!