Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the met and beyond

i travelled to NYC this weekend with my good friend, Aryion, and we had an amazing weekend! it was very sunny and beautiful, though we spent a lot of time in a glorious bookstore called Strand. those 3 hours spent there are a blur; but i remember something about seeing many cute boys wearing very cute loafers, oh, and buying a john keats poetry book! heheh, what more...what more...

the Metropolitan Museum of Art was as amazing as EVER! if you've never been: go, go, go! you will never be disappointed there, everything is so magical. so, i also got to taking some people photos, as we people watched on the steps of the Met. are they any good? they are unedited, so they are just plain and natural. i hope they are cute! 



  1. Very neat pictures.

    John Keats poetry? Awesome. I've really been getting into his poems lately :)

  2. Bookstores, John Keats, oh yes. Are you still debating, or did you buy the shoes?

    1. I got them! : )! Yes, if your'e ever in NYC, go to Strand bookstores! You'll love it