Wednesday, February 15, 2012

my birthday, emerson, and affixing our arrows

i am kaelyn before abi
moon before sun
grass before soil
walk before run

today is my birthday, and its been the best birthday i've ever had, even though i was reluctant to turn 18, which in my mind is a very very awkward age (i prefer 17, or 19). it has been a really surprising day, and even though the effects are wearing off because i am absolutely exhausted, i still feel my choice of yesterday (or what feels like yester-year) of falling in love with myself, who i am, my body, my thoughts, my words, has continued into today. i feel like, renewed, almost, and stronger. 

it was funny because as my mom and i were spending some time in Barnes and Noble, waiting for some time to pass, she crept off to try and find me a card. i'm ansy so i went to follow her and she gave up the secret with a smile and put back a card she had been looking at, that had some quotation on it. i then perused another completely different brand of cards (i love cards) and go, 'Oh! Look at this one!' ad sure enough i pick up a card with the same quotation! -- deeming it fate, that was my birthday card (we're always a bit unorthodox, and so i sometimes don't get cards, and sometimes pick them out!) 

my sister got me a ton of beautiful fair trade treats, like chocolate and 'volcano' rice. the card she wrote me had me in tears, and since she and i have started sharing relevant and amazing quotations on cards to eachother, there were indeed two beautiful ones here. one:

"Affix to the bow the sharp arrow of devotional worship; then, with mind absorbed and heart melted in love, draw the arrow and hit the mark-- the imperishable Absolute." (mundaka unpanishad)

she even drew me a beautiful little cartoon, that i think i may want to get as my first tattoo! 

well anyways, thanks for reading, if you did. i really enjoy writing heartfelt posts : )

have a lovely week
p.s, my banjo comes in the mail tomorrow! i'm so excited! anyone know any cool tips for teaching oneself the banjo?

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  1. Happy Birthday wishes, bit late though. :>

    Hihi don't know how to play ANY instrument or teach yourself how to .. No help from me I'm afraid. :)

    Thanks for the comment!
    Have a lovely weekend,

    Indie by Heart