Sunday, January 8, 2012

On Downton Abbey

well its 11:00, and i'm awfully tired, but i just got finished watching the premiere of Downton Abbey season two, a masterpiece classic on PBS... and my mind..was...blown..!!!! if you haven't seen this show, now's the time! because season two is the best thing i have watched in a long while.

the series follows the family of Downton Abbey, an estate in Yorkshire, i believe. it mainly focuses on mary, one of the daughters of the house, and her struggle to face expectation and ultimately herself. but its more than a tv show... its like reading a novel in which the characters tug at your heart, over and over and over again! you can watch the first season here or if you have netflix, you can watch it there. really, what a stunning show. the episodes are long, but believe me! you'll love it : ) and if you like world war one history, or that time period (like i do!) the second series is the thing to watch!

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  1. I'm intrigued! I love era pieces and this sounds right up my alley!

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