Sunday, January 8, 2012

on hiking and seeing from above

photo of anonymous boy in the castle window

always have to have one of me looking confused...!

i went hiking with my good friend the other day up Sleeping Giant, this fault line, i'm pretty sure. so there are many precipices and actually if you keep going up, up, you end up very up! it was really stunning to see the landscape from a bird's eye view; you realize that you are looking at the surface of the earth-- for a moment there it felt very surreal! anyways, just posting some pictures from that, and some music i've been gushing over lately.

xx, thanks for visiting my blog! i'm hearing some really nice things and i plan to post more often and experiment with different types of posts until i find a style i like. have a lovely evening!

p.s tune in to PBS tonight at 9 for the second season of downton abbey!! greatest show, ever!

click here for a lovely Beirut song : )

here for an indescribable Mumford & Sons song

& here for something we can all appreciate

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