Tuesday, January 31, 2012

liv tyler

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i think liv tyler is so super beautiful... as per an interview, she's comfortable in her own skin, and i think that comfort shows! she emulates such a natural glow... such a 90s feel. so pretty! i could have posted so many more photos.. but i think you get the picture : )


starting an internship on thursday, excited yet nervous! its always intimidating, going into an office setting. i am working to plan a sustainability summit at yale... so me as a volunteer won't have too many responsibilities.. but enough! eee


  1. Just stopping by to say I awarded you! =D

    Here at the blog

    xoxo Jessa

    PS I love Liv too!

  2. She looks great, I love that photo where she has furry hood on - gorgeous - bright eyes and lips ! ^^

    Thanks for your comment! Have a great weekend,

    - Indie by Heart