Saturday, February 4, 2012

week of inspiration

love is all we need

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these are some things i've found during the past week... all so cool!

the first is of children who dressed as Mahatma Gandhi for a peace march in Kolkata, January 29th 2012. i teared up a bit... its so sweet and empowering

and i just found this out but apparently some of Scotland is itching for an independence referendum "in defiance of British government proposals." interesting, i'd like to see what becomes of it-- this picture is just great photojournalism. 

and how beautiful are these terrariums? they're so sweet! also, head on over to saipua for stunning pictures of flowers and the like. AND for number 8, my favorite blog, go here. Jo is such a beautiful gal, and the photographs her partner takes are really really quite lovely. 


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  1. The plant bowls are really nice! I don't know if you're familiar with the blog Design Sponge, but every once in a while they publish things of that sort that I really enjoy!