Friday, January 27, 2012

On many thoughts... help!

i liked reading this aloud... it started to form in a poetry-slam tone, so it doesn't make too much sense. i was just going along with the sound of it

i thought it was me 
but it was not, it was the snow
this pitter patter
this clatter
this silent grunge and tip-toe walk
pushing veils of winter skies away 
away away, drying and flowing 
and blowing and bowing to the air
and calling, that soft sweet call 
call for night and for silence and soft pitter patter
end winter clatter

in other news, i revitalized my children's book. i think its better than before and i've decided to turn it into a children's novel (if i can manage!) . its really exciting because i went to a sort of convention, where an editor of Harper-Collins spoke about the essence of 'voice' and what it means in your stories. she said at the end that everyone in the room could send their manuscripts directly to her, which is awesome! so besides truly caring about finishing my story for the sake of my story, that factor is my motivation, a bit : )

besides that, did you ever notice how Starbucks has the cutest guys...? haha... as i sat in Starbucks today nestled in a corner (prime seating) with my laptop, i noticed yet another really nice guy who happens to be easy on the eyes. 

still trying to figure out my blog's theme... argggg. i realized you have to have a solid theme, however diversified, so be motivated to blog. so what do you think mine should be? vegan recipes? poetry? cool photos? so confused... : (



  1. Honestly, I don't think you need to have it all figured out yet! It took me a long long time to realize what I wanted to do with my blog! And I still mix things a little!
    But if you really feel like you need to, them I guess that poetry and inspirational photos would be a great idea!
    I'll follow you =)

  2. I know what you mean... I am still trying to narrow it down myself. I started a poll, during the countdown to the blogs one year anniversary, to get a feel for what people like most on my blog. Maybe you could do this too? It's been pretty helpful! Love the poem Sweets and I am so excited for your book/novel!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa