Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the coming rose

Lately my thoughts have been very clear and lines of poetry have been sweeping in quite crisply...

I wanted to post this just to post this, but next post (which will take more time) I will do a blog post on John Keats and perhaps something else to shake things up.


thinking of you


what an impatient disease;

I run round myself in circles

feeling faint, and needing breeze.

you are the coming rose

that grows with summer's infinity

deep and rich soil,

so there my heart goes

you have disturbed me with a serene illness

one which no pride in vanity meets

i have flown ages since and it is our souls to impress.

i seek no withdrawl

i could continue the winding-veins throb--

it is my heart that to yours does call

and no match for me,

I simply sit by the hedge

waiting, and gazing

as I walk the lover's ledge.


  1. That's sweet. Are you a very disciplined kind of writer or do you just kind of seize the moment when your thoughts are in order?

    I'm really looking forward to what your next post might bring. John Keats always piques my interest when I read one of his poems, but then somehow I move on. Maybe one day I'll love his work. Those kinds of things are the whole point of the future, I guess. Not knowing about something and then being intensely interested one day down the line. It's always so unexpected and delightful! xx

  2. How enchanting. You are very talented. Honestly, I got chills when I read your poem. Thank you kindly for sharing. it is a pleasure to see your work.