Monday, November 28, 2011

Time for blog!

So I got to thinking about how much I adore blogging... I've been writing my college application essays and such and upon describing blogging, I can't really put into words what exactly it is for me. Its like a world within a world; but it's more. I have almost added a branch to this huge giant happy web.

I got inspiration for an outfit the other day from a blogger I love, Girl and Closet, and I was blissful the entire day... haha. I just loved being able to incorporate what I see on here into what I do out there.

Upon realizing how much I appreciate blogging, I've been trying to think of ways I could engage more. I think I will post much more often, perhaps every three days? I also wanted to start a weekly "woolgathering mondays". I know many bloggers who have a particular day where they post favorite things of the week. My logic is that taking time to blog each monday will stretch my brain capacity, since it seems slow on mondays...

So, my first Woolgathering Monday!! (Also, does anybody know how to enlarge the pictures in a post? Agh, mine are so tiny.)

Oh and thank you to my few readers... :) and to my friend who designed my blog! its Narnia inspired... love

1) Words, words, words....

I love words! My teacher told us to start a "word-wall" of sorts where we collect words we love, any words, verbs, nouns, gerunds, etc.

woolgathering: adjective- indulgence in idle fancies and in daydreaming (gotta wonder how this one originated!)
nautical: adjective- of or pertaining to sailors, ships, or navigation
maud: noun- a gray striped cloak formerly worn by shepherds in Scotland (accidentally stumbled upon this word; in love...)

2) Upcoming Pixar movie, Brave! Its like a dream come true: Pixar's animation, a girl who is adventurous and is good at archery, spirits, old Scotland (!) Unfortunately it comes out in June... but we can enjoy the music on the website until then!
Enjoy the trailer here

3) My friend got the idea to use a book as a sketchpad and she showed me her doodles today. they are incredible! and I love the idea of using the backdrop of printed words. She drew Flinn from "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs". I was actually texting her and went to write Flinn and my phone autocorrected it as Flibbertigibbet, which had me cracking up for a good ten minutes. (sorry the pictures are small!)


  1. thanks for visiting my blog, i'm glad my outfits make you smile! :) i totally love every movie pixar comes out with--brave looks awesome, can't wait! the only way i've found to make my photos large/the same size is to check the pixels... i always make sure they're 600 pixels wide, then upload through photobucket so they stay that way.

  2. "Brave" looks awesome!

    As for pics on Blogger, when I upload mine and choose to add it, it gives me the option of sizes if I just click on the pic itself. I don't know if this is standard or unique to my chosen format. Good luck, some savvy person will have the right answer, I'm sure.:)

    Also, I was thinking of the comment you left about swing dancing because that's exactly what I thought. It reminded me of the movie "Swing Kids", but I've never tried it myself. It'll go on my 43 things list.;)

    Good luck with application writing (or enduring the anticipation) if you're done already. xx