Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Let the water lead us home"

Yesterday (Saturday) was an awesome day!! I started my new job at Miya's Sushi (a sustainable sushi place) and volunteered at Massaro Community Farm, an organic farm that is volunteer run (and headed by Farmer Steve). They grow everything from Turnips to ARUGULA!! + cabbage, broccoli, broccoli rob, tomatoes, and much much more!!! Next week they are getting solar panels to make the farm truly sustainable. They utilize very efficient ways of safeguarding their crops and land such as drip irrigation and strips of wild grasses/flowers (this makes the land more pest-resilient and keeps it au-naturel). Its a really great place...!

So, Saturday was the farm's first annual Fundraising Dinner... food was prepared by a restaurant using food from the farm! First there was cocktail hour and during this time you could take a tour of the farm with the farmer (many did), then came dinner in the fields.. the table was extremely long, as it had to accompany around 80 people. It was covered in jars filled with wildflowers and a long burlap tablecloth. The comfort of the dinner was that it was family style, which is an awesome thing because sustainability and organic farming are all apart of a big picture of caring for the land and for each other as we come to recognize this blossoming yet archaic relationship between all living creatures...

I snapped some shots with my phone, hope they show how beautiful it was! What with the earthy theme and the dessert greenhouse filled with lights when it was dark outside and all the crickets were still chirping...

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