Wednesday, August 31, 2011

eco style conundrum

I have always secretly wanted to do a style blog... but thats not really me... so the next best thing would be to post pictures of my fair-trade/eco-friendly fancies around my house.. thats pretty much equivalent to my style lately! Its kind of how I define myself... my clothing style is normally a mess even though the only way I would make it better would be to go online shopping for all fair trade clothing... I just feel so obligated to know where my clothes are coming from! Though I do buy most of my clothes from H&M its because they say they are a socially responsible company.. I've researched them plenty, too.

Style is a hard thing for me! At one time I'll want to dress like a Sherlock Holmes character, matching vest and trousers and all, and at another time I'll want to dress up like some characters from The Last Airbender (funny, cute, awesome cartoon from 2005). Then I think that I will just wear the basics and be contented with getting no more material things, kind of what I learned from yoga (instant gratification is not fulfilling)... Maybe I'll forge my own stylistic path in the future (I think my goal is a pair of boots that last forever (and that keep my toes warm), a giant, warm alpaca poncho and some comfy/chic pants).

I think the solution will be to make my own like eco-friendly cotton or canvas dresses. I need sewing classes! I can't sew..

Pictures: A Peace tee-shirt by Zehn styles, a fair trade basket from Whole Foods created by The Blessing Basket Project Ghana, Journal by Eccolo (awesome paper, beautiful journals), the blue beaded bracelet is from the Thorn Tree Project (women in the Samburu Tribe in Kenya create them and the money made goes towards education in the community for girls), and the other colorful bracelet is from an artist in Thailand (purchased it through Novica). the boots(steve madden) are from Goodwill, so its a nice recycling cycle for a good cause.

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