Monday, August 9, 2010

"How about music? Most of humanity enjoys it"

For lack of people who look at my blog, I'll just post minimal things for a while. Probably just pictures and random writings of mine. I hope whoever is looking at my blog enjoys! All I could find for today is two pictures of my dog, Mota. She's the most photogenic in my family.
The other day an elderly woman was talking about her son. This situation is pretty humorous. She said that she was going slowly and that her son kept ushering her along. "If you do this" he was claimed to have said, "we'll get there faster."
"Where are we going?" she said.
"We're not going anywhere, but we're getting there faster." he replied.
Funny humans, always trying to rush things. Or maybe that's just America.
I've been studying for my leaners permit and this is substantially how it has been going:
"What does a flashing red light mean?"
Me: "The light is broken?"

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