Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A hatching of notions; a history.

I am wide awake. This is due, I think, to my love of the hours from 9:30 pm to 12 am, and the cup of coffee I drank a couple hours ago which is strange because I have mostly built up a tolerance to caffeinated coffee induced awakeness. I have a picture to share and some words on indirectness quoted from something I'm writing. Please, for anyone reading and who likes it, do not take it without asking me (then quote it!)

Indirectness in the real world is something that we all exert and dread. For instance, one might see to it that what they say to another lacks a sense of directness because of fear out of what might ensue after his commentary such as a flying dish or a very direct comment back. Or, for the most frightful people in our civilization, indirectness plays as a type of coping. If one is indirect in emotion and thought inside oneself, the crisis of understanding and accepting what is really going on, is averted. But really, no one these days acknowledges these people and are therefore indirect in themselves.

The dread of incoming indirectness is truly an everyday notion. Dread may be the perfect word for what a man feels when a medical examiner will not go beyond the words of “Stay with her through the night” or what goes through the mind of a cafe goer who hears from behind his shoulder “You may want to watch your wife over there” when that wife indeed is chatting rather arduously about coffee with the man behind the counter. It is the mask for an underlying message, which, if one is competent to recognize, goes deeper into ones ear than a simple meaning intended.
Do I quote it if I wrote it? Hmm... No.. Oh well.

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