Sunday, March 11, 2012

some lovelies

i really wanted to share these really sweet photos, but i'm afraid i've lost the links for most. for safety i will say that they are from the internet and that they are not mine! 

enjoy : )

the lovely mr. cumberbatch : ) 

drawing of the shoes Fanny Brawne wore in Bright Star

on the set of Romeo & Juliet : ) Olivia Wilde is so beautiful in this! 

John Howe artwork

have a great weekend!!



  1. Nice pics!


  2. Yes, Mr. Cumberbatch is quite lovely, but I'm a married lady. So you didn't hear me say that--ahem. ;) And to answer a question on one of your previous posts, yes--I often feel a great desire to get rid of most of what I own. Oh, the dilemma.

  3. I must agree, He is quite lovely, but I'm committed too, so you didn't hear those words from me either xD