Monday, January 23, 2012

on some very cool things : )

so today is monday...! my first day in the real world! i graduated early from high school on friday, so i am officially done! its actually a really cool thing that my school does... we get our diploma and all the sprinkles on top, but we get 5 or so months to explore an endeavor... i am doing an internship and i am super physched for it and also because... for once i'll finally have time to myself! i wont be too exhausted to read books, or take photos or write. 

i love being a student... so i just think of this time in my life as being a student of myself. i want to see how much i can create and explore and learn. sounds fun! 
i'm thinking... get a babysitting job, find a rock-climbing gym, take some drawing classes... library once a week.. and blog! 
cillian murphy & feist! gahh... he's so cute! and his irish accent doesn't hurt. 

 the hermit: the withdrawl & the return. he is symbolic of finding himself, finding oneself.

i love fishtails when theyre done up, very cool!
this bag... oh my. i hope she posts where she got it! head on over, all the wool inspiration you'll ever need! 
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5: THE HOBBIT DIARIES!!  if your'e a fan of LOTR like me, this is the next best thing to prepare for the movie, a year away! (other than read the book, of course!) such an amazing journey


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