Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On alpaca ponchos and Jonsi : )

listen and be immersed : ) 

this is my beloved fair trade alpaca poncho from Novica i got for christmas... its so warm and i feel like i could go on forest adventures with it without getting cold. i refused to take it off the first day: i actually fell asleep with it on mostly as an experiment because i wanted to see how travellers used to fair with their cloaks as blankets... it worked : ) these are also alpaca gloves: i recommend them SO much for warmth and if your'e allergic to wool like i am! 
getting better at taking outfit photos... though not by much. how about you guys? how'd you fare at first? 

finally got snow! i was so happy. it looked like all the world was there to gallop in... everything was quiet and there were no cars. my kind of night.

writing my children's short story... my goal is thirty pages... getting there! going to be a late night.

hope you all have a lovely week! xx


  1. Your entire look is darling and just screams WARMTH!
    Those glove have the cutest pattern, and in such lovely colours.
    Good luck on your story, I have to write one for school- I really must get around to that soon.
    Love Alexandra

  2. Goodness, that is SO cute, and looks super comfy. I love your gloves!
    Hope your story goes well :)

  3. How cute are you in your poncho! Love it and the colors on you! I love that you always seem to be having so much fun when you show us what you are wearing!

    Love & Lollies...

    PS I just a special little bloggie up for you! =D

  4. Gorgeous poncho. I hope it keeps you warm during these cold months.

  5. The poncho is too cute <3

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous! That poncho/cape is incredible. It looks so perfect for winter. I also love your boots. They look great with the cape. You are just adorable and the scenery is really nice in these shots, too!