Sunday, December 4, 2011

wonder how to wander?

did you feel it in the heart?

that sense that touches veins and snow

and all leads to a greater Start?

Stars that gallop and boats that row

lead to a sense of universe

and peeping curiosity that breaks

buttons with its gerth—

Lucy to wardrobe and edmund to cakes

Fantastical and unmitigated

breaking even the widest of dams

take a breath to see what is created

and all can be found in your hands.


  1. Oh, I must watch Narnia now! Movies are really the best antidote to winter sometimes.:)

    Lovely writing, as is always the case here. You must be swamped with end of school season work and yet are still inspired! I'm impressed. xx

  2. VERY cool....I am glad you enjoy the quote on my wall.
    xxx Emily