Sunday, December 4, 2011

another monday : )

: )



These are pieces of inspiration for me lately....

1. I love the idea of making little jars with christmas trees in them that I found on La Quaintrelle's blog. So going to do this since I am not going to celebrate Christmas as in the past! no tree (not very environmentally sound) and probably not doing a gift exchange. Instead, perhaps I'll make a bunch of these for the house...

2. I think these words ring very clearly.

3 + 4. I LOVE A Beautiful Mess. Its a really fantastic style/ DIY site and the bloggers are really sweet! I especially enjoy this outfit and her hair style!

5. Who doesn't love Mr. Tumnus?

6. This outfit photo is from the Delightful Dozen, which is another awesome blog-- except this one has 12 style bloggers who have created a communal blog. Its a really great idea. This is Elizabeth, from Delightfully-Tacky, one of my favorite blogs. I've been following her for two years now, its such a treat.

7 + 8. Andrew Bird is one of my favorite artists by now... His music is... somewhere between that feeling you feel when seeing a group of ravens and what a yogic moment of revelation would look like... add in some actual music. : ). my favorite song is "Oh No".

9 + 10. Mia Wasikowska was in Tum Burton's newest version of "Alice in Wonderland". She acted brilliantly, as always, and though the actual unfolding of this particular plot fell short, the costumes were beautiful. I particularly like this suit of armour she's wearing! I would love to wear something like that! (only when fighting a jabberwocky of course...)


enjoy your monday!


  1. The costumes in Alice in Wonderland are amazing, but I do think more and more that Tim Burton needs to go back to his own material. It's odd to see some genius stories fall short even in genius director hands.

    Anyway...that's amazing about LotR. I would've loved to read Fellowship as a school assignment. I did once persuade my English teacher to let me write my biggest essay of the year on Tolkien, so I guess I did find a way to include the trilogy in my schoolwork.;)

    So now the holidays and fun? I sure hope so! xx