Monday, July 4, 2011

"With grace in your heart"

I just read my first non-friend (not that I don't appreciate your'e guys' comments : ) ) comment on one of my posts... literally had to squeel into a pillow! This is so exciting... I finally feel welcomed into the world of blogging! Thank you commenter!

I have been learning and experiencing so much lately its like where do I start?!

I am currently immersing myself in the path of grace and revelation... the universal world of divine strength and shivva-shakti! My sister's spiritual journey in the yoga world inspired me to try Anusara-Yoga... then to try again, and again. Its the most intense and uplifting experience to be apart of a kula (community of the heart). The people I meet are all-loving and have the most open hearts and minds. They practice something that allows them to break away from the ego and embrace the self--> to be Anusara, which is in the flow of grace.

Grace and faith never truly clicked in my head growing up... I think my sister's journey has inspired so much change in my mother's and my life that I can take these words which I used to associate with religion and re apply them to something that I love, which is the yogic world. Faith that our universe supports us, so grace is opening to our universe.

I mean, Mumford and Sons, the most inspiring and truest band I have ever listened to... I feel like its because of how authentically they live their lives, but they sing of this universal power of love and whats in our hearts makes us be.

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