Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Music and the world

Thought it'd be fun to share something I wrote in my journal after I saw the Silk Road Ensemble perform...!

" Silk Road Ensemble? Indescribable... Best experience of my life to date... it EXPLORED the essense of Yoga (Anusara)! The Anusara themes of love, opening your heart!
I came up with so many amazing things while watching it. I actually teared up at one point... I realized that what I had been trying to put into words for so long- that emotion I feel when listening to soundtracks... I SAW it. It was literally like seeing LOVE, CURIOSITY, LANDSCAPES in the AIR!

Its like I felt my HEART! Seeing those people just pouring out love and smiles and respect for eachother and for the heart of the music... I mean it took me back thousands of years. It took me to the english moors at certain violin solos... it made me stare at Yo Yo Ma's smile and listen to the Spanish bagpiper's (Cristina Pato) yells and just connected me!
At one point the bagpiper came on and started playing a loud, feisty solo and the wind started to BLOW! I mean really blow... and it was a warm breeze, too- the violinist's music sheets flew away, the blue tent on stage almost took off. And I thought, "Music and the world..." - "literally!" Can these emotions and electric displays of love alter our atmosphere?
What did they connect too?! When, at the beginning, they started to play, and the rain actually stopped."

*these photos are not mine

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