Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sometimes, you just have to drink your cappuccino.

I Finally have a means to post things! I have something I wrote from the perspective of a struggling male writer and some pictures to share. There is one of my friend that I love.

"Beautiful I see. She Is beautiful. She has soft looking lips adorned and thickly coated with rich lipstick the colour of stawberries, and keen blue eyes matched with her porcelain skin… she is the symbol of the U.S flag. Red, white and blue. Wow, shes gorgeous.

But she wont see me. Shell strut along, the slut. No, no I don’t know her enough. How am I to know she is not an animal loving, outdoorsy gal? I make those assumptions. I made the assumption that she is a slut. I just figure… shes drawing so much attention to her lips… its like she wants me to look there. And, she walks right past me, wow. The slut.
And what am I doing? Sitting on a park bench writing a story about another world that I can disappear into. I mean, I see no problem with that, Eh? Better living then that slut. Who, by the by just started making out with an Italian fellow a couple benches down. Jeesh.
I’m writing another one page story like always. That’s all I can think of I suppose."

I also guess I'm doing a series with these Rotweiler photos. I love them. Very candid?

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