Saturday, August 21, 2010

"And how he loved her apple pies, how he loved her meatloaf, how he loved her chicken breasts. how he loved her pudding..." - Regina Spektor

I have started what is going to be a short story type thing of just dialogue mostly called A Goblin and the Sun: a Nonsensical tale and take on life.

I am extremely excited to start AND finish it.... hopefully I get it done before school starts so that I insert my most creative flourishes.. hard to do when school is occurring (the happiness and creativeness are drained from me).

So I am posting some pictures I took last night of my room. I realize that my room is my center for ideas and so it has become a very eclectic place. I have an obsession with taking pictures of my chandelier( FROM IKEA!). So here are some! and others of bibelot-like things in my abode.
I forgot to post the excerpt of that book because I have been distracted by my lack of internet. I've been searching for it like a lover looks for a lover for the past two weeks. BUT I WILL post something I wrote next time.

I also have been wondering something: for HOW LONG have humans taken care of the hair in between our eyebrows? I wonder this only because nowadays most people do (its fine either way I 'spose, freedom of expression), and so I thought how long has this gone back? I then thought of the paintings from the 1600's and so on that I saw at the Met and do not recollect most kings and fair maidens having uni-brows. Does it throw off symmetry in the face? I know that humans crave/ are attracted to symmetry so maybe... But I really do wonder.

*there is a close up of a menu that is from the 1920's-40's from a Lloyd's shipping... I stare at them, for I have a few, in awe.
** the line that isn't finished says "Depp pines for the old iconoclasts" Yes, Johnny Depp.

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