Monday, February 6, 2012

spring always has me insatiably ready for anything; its like this mix of knowing its still cold and yet physically anticipating warmer weather-- its so exciting! it always makes me day dream about era-drama films and about travelling to other countries... almost like i can smell them! ... sounds strange right? but its something about the air; sometimes its too cold, but during spring's most magical moments, its like starting a new year all over again. and then i imagine i'll walk into a an english forest, or be in a flowery field with a figure like a young (in his nice days) heathcliff walking near.  : )! 

i especially keep thinking about the possibility of going to college in ireland.. i mean, it seems like a dream for me, always envisioning myself going to other countries as a kid. by society's calendar, i'm going to be an 'adult' soon, turning 18 the day after valentine's day. i guess the destination is the journey, eh? if thats my destination, then everything up till then i want to fully embrace and use to help myself grow as a person. well, thats how i see it. thanks for reading my rant, : ) i know winter's still here, but before we know it spring will spring! 

is spring special for anyone else?


this song is so super beautiful, have a listen! 

winston's quite the amazing banjo player; anytime any of them perform its unbelievable to watch. i hope one day i can see them live!! 

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