Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On the notion of Hobbit cupcakes and a lovely blog award

i made vegan cupcakes for the Hobbit party in my english class tomorrow! Enjoy the pictures, they really are scrumptious! if you should want, I can post the recipe soon. The frosting is vegan cream cheese with a bag of powdered sugar and food coloring.. its really quite tasty!!!
I also found these pictures on my camera, I took them but I don't remember the sky being that... indescribable. "The sky'd be so big that it broke my soul"- Regina Spektor

Also, thank you to Ashley for this blog award! <3

The Rules:
1) Thank the person who awarded you. 2) Write a post about it. 3) Answer the questions. 4) Award five deserving blogs, and inform them about it.

Here are the questions:

Q: favorite colour?

A: Teal

Q: favorite animal?

A: Chipmunk and cheetahs and tigers!

Q: favorite number?

A: 23 (can never find that darn number on fortune cookies!)

Q: favorite drink (alcoholic)?
A: Bloody Marys!

Q: Facebook or Twitter?
A: Facebook

Q: your passion?
A: fair trade, writing, exploring

Q: give presents or receive presents?
A: give presents

Q: favorite pattern
A: plaid

Q: favorite day of the week?
A: sunday or friday

Q: favorite flower?
A: iris


  1. Thank you! This means so much to me. <3

  2. These pictures are gorgeous!


  3. The sky looks amazing in the third picture. You're right it's quite indescribable; "amazing" doesn't really do it justice.

    I always wonder who comes up with the awards and tags, especially the ones with specific questions! How are we supposed to choose just one favorite animal? But answering favorites questions are stressful to me; I'm just self-centered enough to think that my answers will be memorized and pigeonhole me in the future:)

    Oh, and I would love it if you posted the recipe because I'm still adjusting to not having cheese in my diet, so I'm always interested in learning what substitutes others enjoy. xx

  4. Ohh, those cupcakes truly look delicious! <3 I love the strawberries for detail!

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